This could have ended so much worse.

I am not a parent, but I do have nieces and nephews and regardless of what you have heard - I do have a heart. Wah Wah. I cannot imagine the horror of losing a child and one Detroit woman came very close to just that when her car was stolen.

Assbehei Theus left her 7-year-old daughter Sylve inside of a mini-van when she went into a Detroit gas station to pay for gasoline. What happened next is horrifying. A man carjacks the vehicle (you can see this happen in the video above) with the little girl inside. Get this - Sylve was able to jump out before the man sped away. However, Sylve's mother did not see her escape and chased after the van. Luckily the young girl was rushed inside of the gas station by attendant working. After roughly 35 minutes of chasing the van, mother and child were reunited at the gas station. What an incredible story. The van can be replaced, young Sylve cannot be.