If you live in Livonia, I'm sure you're well aware of the house that sits on Robert Drive that's known as "the house with a bazillion lights."

Homeowner Gary Slater, who I'm sure is referred to as Clark Griswold by his neighbors puts on a Christmas light display every year that has people coming from miles around just to get a glimpse.

Slater got the Christmas lights itch after decorating his house in 1996 when he and his family moved into their house in Livonia. He said, for the first few years it was kept simple as he was just trying different colors and decorations. Then year after year everything became bigger, brighter, and more interesting. He says, these days some say people it's extreme. Not me, I think it's freaking amazing.

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I talked with Gary Slater who gave us a little more insight into his massive light display:

I have been doing an animated display since 2006. We have over 45,000 lights this year. The lights draw about 150 Amps when they are all on. Our electric bill goes up by about $250 for the month of December. We have 7 songs right now in a loop. I am updating a few more songs because my lights changed so I have to re-sequence them. I have a low power FM transmitter, so you can hear the music in front of the house or in your car. My computer runs the whole show over Ethernet and serial communication. The shows run from 5:30 PM until 9:30 PM for the month of December.

Gary also explained how their house got its name. He said, if you ask any five year old to describe the house, they'll say it's the house with a Bazillion Lights!

If you want to drive by "the house with a bazillion lights", Gary lives at 29718 Robert Dr., Livonia.

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