I don't think I would need a doctor to tell me NOT to snort a condom. I feel like common sense tells me that. However, if you have been teetering about trying this stupid challenge, do not. A local doctor claims it can cause internal damage. Duh. 

Last week I posted an article (Losing Faith In the Human Race, One Idiot At A Time) about this stupid challenge/craze that is making its way back to the forefront of social media. The Condom Snorting Challenge is pretty self-explanatory. You take a condom, snort it in one nostril, then pull through pharynx (the membrane-lined cavity behind the nose and mouth, connecting them to the esophagus) and out of your mouth. Again, I don't need a doctor to tell me this is dangerous - it sounds dangerous.

That being said, a pediatrician and medical toxicologist at Hurley Medical Center, Dr. Hernan Gomez is warning us all about one of the dangers of this challenge, is spermicide. Dr. Gomez told ABC 12 that spermicide and/or a chemical substance left inside the body can cause serious damage to lungs and more.

Get more information on this stupid challenge and the dangers of it in the video below. I said it before, and I will say it again - say NO to condom snorting.

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