Sure time machines are cool, but with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a new machine is taking the spotlight - say hello to the GT1000, a self sanitizing machine.

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This roughly $24,000 dollar contraption was created by a Johnny Cooper of Fenton, and distributed through Genatek Global in Flint. So how does this machine exactly work? According to ABC 12,  a person steps into the booth, and a sensor can tell if the person is wearing a mask or not. Then the persons temperature is taken. How cool is this? But wait - there is more. After the temperature check, hand sanitizer is dispersed, as well as a disinfecting mist.

I for one think this is cool as hell. If you want to try it for yourself, The Fireplace on North Long Lake Road in Fenton has one that is up and running. I was there earlier this month before it was installed. The food there is great, so I will be definitely be back to eat, drink, and try this machine out. As of now, it is not a requirement for patrons of The Fireplace to step into the machine.

The price tag is hefty, but I do believe we will be seeing more of these locally in bars and restaurants. This is a step in the right direction for making customers feel safe.

What do you think? Does a machine like this make you feel safer in terms of going out? Or on the other hand -  would you refuse to go into a business that requires you to step into a GT1000 machine? Let me know what your thoughts.

Heads up if you do venture to The Fireplace, I recommend the poutine (so good), and any of the pizzas - and of course a cocktail.


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