recently released a list of the most underrated tourist attractions in each state. I don't know where they got their info from, since those of us who live in the Mitten State know about the wonders of Mackinac Island, but that is the destination they chose as Michigan's "most underrated". 

Of the quaint, carless island, they say:

This four square mile island has a year-round population of under 500 people, though during the summer months it revs up into a proper retreat with a bustling little main street, well-groomed beaches, and a number of boat-related events. To maintain its charm though, there's a unique local ordinance that prohibits the use of any motor vehicles on the island. In fact, it has the distinction of having the only state highway in the nation where cars are banned.

The Pure Michigan campaign has taught us that there are gems across this great state of ours, and Mackinac Island surely is one of them, but I don't know if it's the "most underrated".

What do you think? What is Michigan's most underrated tourist attraction?


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