I am so happy that winter is officially over today, however it sure feels like fall outside instead of the first day of spring. I just ran out to get lunch and drove around aimlessly trying to figure out how I could get soup, without having to get out of my car. Can you say lazy?

Instead of spring flowers and sunshine, it is cold and rainy. It is hard to get yourself (myself), motivated for spring cleaning and outdoor projects when there is a possibility of snow in the forecast. I had a list of things to start doing around my house once spring sprung - but I think I will start next week (after I find that list). Tonight Tenacity Brewing sounds pretty damn good. A taco from Vehicle City Tacos and a beer. Maybe I will start a new list. Yeah, definitely going to need a new list.

I'll let you know how many things I cross off that list on the first day of summer. Probably not too many. Oh well, I will make a summer list of things to do. Also, if my biggest problem today was figuring out what to have for lunch - I guess it's a pretty good day.