I love presents, but I don't particularly need or want a Valentine's Day gift. I know that is not the case for everyone. I would much rather have a 12-pack of beer, than a dozen roses. Who are we kidding, I would be most happy with tequila.

Every year my boyfriend Nick says we are NOT buying each other gifts, but every year he does give me a card and candy. It's sweet, and trust me - I am not hoping for a massive ring or diamond earrings. That is not my style. Have I mentioned I would be happy with tequila?

I laugh when people say that every day should be Valentine's Day. On what planet? I love Nick, but everyday is not like Valentine's Day that is for sure. Relationships are great, but they are also work. If you think everyday is like V-Day, you are drinking more tequila than I am (get help).

All kidding aside, regardless if you are celebrating with your significant other, or with friends - I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day filled with all of your favorite things. Cheers!




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