Every time we announce a major road construction project, people start complaining that they’re sick and tired of dealing with the construction in and around the Flint area. Of course, these are the same people that complain that the roads aren’t getting fixed.

Well, it looks like the Michigan Department of Transportation has another major project planned for I-69 next year. The work will more than likely dip into 2022.

According to ABC 12, A full reconstruction of the freeway is planned from Dort Highway to Fenton Road during the 2021 and 2022 construction seasons. The project will extend east of the last major I-69 reconstruction from I-75 to Fenton Road, which was completed last year.

The planned road construction could spill over to a couple of the side streets including Eighth and Ninth streets between Saginaw and Grand Traverse streets in Flint. The plan would be to switch from the current three lanes and drop it down to two. I don’t know the reason behind the move but it’s sure to upset a few residents living in the area.

If you’re not happy about what is being planned, the Michigan Department of Transportation is doing an online meeting which will allow residents to discuss the proposed idea for Eighth and Ninth streets. The online open house will be from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Sept. 1. It will be carried live on Microsoft Teams. Call 248-509-0316 and use conference ID 130 704 980# if you’d like to take part in the meeting.

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