Oh brother!

A San Francisco man walked into a McDonald's carrying a dead raccoon. The man reportedly was screaming for help while hanging on to the dead animal. Video of the incident was captured by another customer. Heads up, the video is graphic and the man narrating uses language that some may find offensive.

The man eventually sits down and places the dead raccoon on a table. Ugh. An employee attempts to control the situation and the man does leave the restaurant without the animal. The unidentified man was later questioned by authorities and was given a mental health evaluation. Police determined no to hold him.

After closing for 2 hours for cleaning, The San Francisco Department of Public Health gave the restaurant the go ahead to resume operations. That being said, would you have a hard time eating there after this? I won't go back to a restaurant if I get hair in my food, I don't think I could eat there after this. No fault of McDonald's it would just be in my head. Am I crazy?





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