If not for the video, I would never believe this story. 

The streets of Detroit just got a little bit crazier as a man was spotted running with a Kangaroo on a leash! A Snapchat user caught this strange occurrence on camera and according to WNEM, the Kangaroo's name is Darwin, he's from a traveling zoo here in Michigan, and he and the owner were in Detroit for a child's birthday party.


The video above makes me a little less afraid of kangaroos. Between this video of two kangaroos boxing in the street like thugs and the video of the massive gang of kangaroos staring at this guy on a bicycle ride like they're gonna get him, I was 90% sure that I wanted nothing to do with this particular type of marsupial. As if that wasn't enough, the video of our Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson making a rap video featuring a talking kangaroo was SO LAME, it secured the remaining 10% to make me 100% positive I that I don't want to ever encounter one of these animals. Darwin at least looks friendly, but he IS running...and I don't run, so I think I'll remain at my solid 100% of "nope" when it comes to these bouncy fellas.

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