I watched videos of people turning water into snow during the polar vortex here in Michigan a week ago, but I did not see anyone making a frozen t-shirt plane until now.

Frozen t-shirts are no joke. We used to do a radio station game with them We would soak the t-shirts in water. Tie them in knots - than freeze them. Contestants than had to untie the t-shirts. Trust me when I tell you - it was not easy.

You do not have to wait for another polar vortex to make a frozen t-shirt plane. Just put the shirt in your freezer. Wait until frozen (duh), then fold and fly. I am guessing a majority of us have much better things to do, but this would be a fun project for kids to do (or drunk adults). Just be sure to yell heads up before you fly. I am quite confidant that getting hit in the head with a frozen t-shirt plane would hurt much worse than a paper plane. The more you know.

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