I still cannot watch the video of the Comerica Park worker spitting in a customers pizza.

The incident goes back to September of this year when Jaylon Kerley, 20, was caught on film spitting on the pizza. Ugh. At the time he was facing four years in prison for a felony food violation and 90 days behind bars for misdemeanor food violation charge. As of today a judge ordered Kerley be put on 18 months probation and must take anger management classes. Kerely is not allowed to work around food for the duration of his probation. I don't think he should ever be allowed to work in the food industry period. What do you think?

Kerley was tested for diseases after the incident, lucky for the person who ate the pizza he spit on, the results were negative. You see a video below of when the story first broke.

If you need a reason not to eat - this story is it. Suddenly I have lost my appetite. Ugh.

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