Having common interests is one of the keys to a long successful marriage. Sean Foxx and Trelia Woods both share an interest in crime, so perhaps that’s what encouraged Foxx to propose to his sweetie right after the two of them were nabbed by police for trying to rob a dollar store in San Antonio, Texas.

Actually, it’s a little more romantic than that. Allegedly, Woods was shoplifting and then tried to exit the store through a broken door as Foxx waited in the getaway car. Store security noticed what Woods was up to and detained her.

When Foxx saw that his boo was in trouble he chivalrousness rushed into the establishment in an attempt to free her. For good measure, he also threatened various store employees.

But, alas, it was too late. The police had arrived and the pair were cuffed and taken to the squad car. It was during that short walk of shame that Foxx proposed to Woods.

And she said yes!

Both Foxx and Woods deny the charges against them. No word on when the wedding is, but jewelry stores in the San Antonio area should be on the lookout if the lovebirds make bail.

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