Regardless if you smoke or not, spraying a fire extinguisher in someones face is completely out of line, unless of course that person is actually on fire.

A Salt Lake City, Utah restaurant co-owner did actually spray a man smoking a cigarette in the face with a fire extinguisher - and lucky for the victim and us, it was captured on film. Not so lucky for Alex Jamison.

Jamison claims the smoker, Jon Bird, was smoking too close to one of his restaurants. According to Jamison, he asked Bird to move, but as you will see - Mr. Bird did not move. According to Bird, he was within the required distance for smoking. You will see and hear all of this in the video above.

Since the incident, Alex Jamison has left all three of the restaurants he was co-owner of. He did release a statement on his Facebook page, that has since been deleted. According to the The Salt Lake Tribune, the statement contained the following message,

'Was my behavior on Friday the right way to handle the situation? Of course not.  Am I sorry? Absolutely. Did I mean to cause that man harm or pain? Definitely not. Does he deserve compassion? I’d love to give it to him. But I’m done groveling.'

'I can be wrong, admit I was wrong, and still defend myself.'

Jamison went on to say that he asked the man to 'walk 30 feet south to the ‘Designated Smoking Area.' Jamison also wrote that he had never received such a smug refusal, in terms of asking a smoker to move. He went on to say,

'Never have I had someone continue to blow smoke in my face, to give excuses as to why they’ve got the right to smoke on private property that isn’t theirs. With friends hanging out, not working, also smoking.'

Alex Jamison is now facing some serious criminal charges, and I am sure he will be sued by Jon Bird. What are your thoughts on this after watching the video? On a much lighter note, did you catch the police officer saying that he could have 'extinguished the situation'? Wah Wah.


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