You may or may not have heard a rumor about Mario's Restaurant and Pizzeria on Fenton Road in Flint. Word on the street is the popular Italian spot was going to close at the end of the year. If you did hear that, did you panic like I did?If so, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Mario's had this to say about the rumor on their official Facebook page,

We just wanted to confirm the rumor that we are closing in December is NOT true. We ARE for sale, but we are NOT closing in December. We have received many questions and concerns regarding this rumor, WE ARE OPEN AND WILL REMAIN OPEN and ARE NOT CLOSING!!  with that being said, come grab yourself a delicious oven brick homemade pizza.

Okay, so they are for sale - but not closing in December. Crisis averted (for now). Full disclosure, I did hear the rumor last week and was at Mario's the following day. Believe me when I tell you Mario's has the best fish and green beans around. Yes I said green beans. Whatever they do to these green beans is amazing.

When it comes to Mario's pasta dishes forget about it - they are the best. The Shells (pictured above) is another favorite along with their Spaghetti and Mostaccioli. If you are in the mood for pizza - Mario's has some of the best. I especially like the Sergio Special featuring olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt, jalapeno and tomatoes. I can't forget about the Stromboli either, so good!

Mario's Restaurant and Pizzeria has been serving our community for the past 58 years. I remember going to Mario's as a kid with my family - it's tradition. Throughout the years I have celebrated birthday parties at Mario's, attended celebration of life dinners at Mario's, and have had countless dinners there just because it's so damn good.

If you have never eaten at Mario's, what are you waiting for? Trust me, you will be hooked. Shout out to the Simoni Brothers for keeping their father Mario's dream alive for so many years. We love you and your awesome staff.

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