I have several hangover remedies, and McDonald's Hi-C drink was one of those remedies for countless years. I have no idea why, or exactly when the fast food giant took the tasty beverage off the menu, but thankfully it is returning to a McDonald's near you by June 2021.

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Select McDonald's locations may even have the beverage back this month. I am beyond excited for its return. Not only is it a great hangover cure and thirst quencher, it also pairs well with alcohol. Let's call Hi-C Orange Lavaburst exactly what it is - GOAT.

I know you can buy Hi-C in stores, but there is something about the way it tastes from McDonald's. As great as I think the drink is, I have not had one sip since McDonald's discontinued it. It has to be served in a McDonald's cup, with just the right amount of ice.

What are some of the foods or drinks you would like to see McDoanld's, or any other fast food chain bring back? While we are on the topic of fast food, the thought of a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, and a McDonald's Hi-C Orange Lavaburst together sounds absolutely amazing.

Here is to hoping a local McDonald's serves this tasty orange beverage before June. If you see it being served anywhere in Genseee County or Lapeer County, let me know immediately. Cheers.

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