We have all been there -  drunk and hungry. Even more relatable - hung over and hungry. You need something to soak up the booze and according to a new Zippia survey, the go to fast food for Michigander's is McDonald's. The survey results show that McDonald's is the king of drunk fast food: 22 states love the golden arches.

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I can't totally disagree - but I do prefer McDonald's lunch menu to their breakfast menu. McDonald's french fries are a miracle worker for any ailment you may have - not that drinking is an ailment, but you know that craving you get after a night of drinking. Bring on the burgers and fries, and do not forget about the Hi-C orange drink. The bomb!

Think about the drive-thru lines in the evening at fast food places? Most are now open 24 hours, and from the amount of cars I see lined up - they stay busy all night long. You know as soon as you are handed your order, you are opening up that bag and eating. Nine times out of ten, your food is gone before you even get home.

I know not everyone will agree with the Zippia survey. If you don't, what is your go to fast food after a night of drinking? I am guessing a lot of you like to head to the boarder, as in Taco Bell. I get it, bring on a nacho or a 7-Layer Burrito.

Whatever your go to place is during cocktail hour, or after - just be sure you have a designated driver. Yes, a pizza delivery counts - just have a pie delivered and avoid the long lines. Done, and done.

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