When is the last time you saw a bumper sticker that read 'Proud Parent Of A Teen Millionaire'? I am guessing never. I don't know if the Morse family from West Bloomfiled has that particular sticker - but they should.

Meet Alina Morse. When Alina was 7-year-old a bank teller offered her a sucker. Most parents would allow their child to accept the sucker. Not Alina's father, Tom Morse. He told his daughter she should not have sugar because it is bad for her teeth. Right then and there Alina had an idea. Why can't there be a lollipop that is good for her?

Fast forward 2 years and poof - Alina had created Zollipops. Fast forward to now at the age of just thirteen - Alina is a millionaire. Let this be a lesson to any parent reading this. Telling your kid(s) 'NO' could actually pay off big for them (and you of course). Who am I kidding, most likely telling your kids 'NO' will just make them cry and throw fits. Truth.

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