If you need a reason to buy a Meg Millions lottery ticket tonight - here are a billion reasons. Tonight's drawing has hit the billion dollar mark. If you win, you are looking at a a payout of roughly $739.6 million. I think that is enough to live comfortably, don't you?

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Even if you never play the lottery, with a jackpot like this up for grabs - you have got to buy a ticket. Sure the odds of you or me winning are not that great, but neither one of us will win if we don't buy a ticket. It's worth it to me, I will gladly lose a few bucks for the chance at winning millions.

If you do play regularly, do you play the same numbers always? I used to, now I pick randomly or just choose easy picks. If you want some tips to increase your odds of winning, I have a few for you here.

Did you know the luckiest lottery store is in Michigan is in Comstock ParkParty World convenience store has sold eight jackpot-winning tickets in the last 15 years, for a combined payout of $62 million. You can make the drive in about an hour and a 45 minutes.

Tonight's drawing is at 11:00 PM, tickets will stop being sold at 10:45 PM. Good luck, and remember - if you win, I will be your best friend.

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