It's normally good for the environment but with the spread of coronavirus, Meijer is asking its customers to not bring in their reusable bags anymore.

In a news update, they stated they'll continue to provide plastic bags at check-out lanes, including self-checkout. Those who use "Shop & Scan" are still allowed to bring their reusable bags.

Many may not realize how many germs and viruses reusable bags can carry. That's why it's important to regularly wash them.

In addition, Meijer gave an update on what they're doing for their employees including giving weekly bonuses to their hourly workers.

That’s in addition to resources like our pay continuation program, free online COVID-19 screenings, backup care reimbursement program, and our team member relief fund.

If you've been laid off and could use extra cash during this time, Meijer could use your help. They're currently hiring people to work in their stores and supply chain locations.

These extra hands will help us meet increased demand and ensure all team members have time to rest and recharge.

If interested, you can see available positions here.

After the stay-at-home order earlier this week, most Michigan retailers have suspended bottle returns, including Meijer.

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