Don't panic just yet. You can still buy alcohol of course at your local Meijer store, just not as many bottles at once. Could this mean I will soon have to buy my tequila on the black market? No, it isn't going to be quite that bad (I hope).

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In an effort to reduce people from hoarding alcohol, Meijer will be limiting some alcohol sales during one visit to the store. As you can read in a statement from the store below, this mandate does not include every alcoholic beverage,

Meijer has placed limits on some alcohol, simply to ensure all customers can get what they want through the holidays. The alcohol limit applies only to spirits (Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, etc.) and relates to each individual item.


For example, a customer could purchase two bottles of Tito’s Vodka, two bottles of Jim Beam Bourbon, Two bottles of Absolut Vodka, etc.


This limit of two items does not apply to wine, beer, or gift sets. Liquor gift sets are a big seller this time of year.

As you can read, this just appears to be a cautionary measure. I have heard of people massively buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but even I have not seen people at a grocery store buying countless bottles of booze. I guess I always just figured that  alcohol was one certainty during this uncertain time.

Who knows, I guess nothing really surprises us anymore does it? If for some reason you find yourself with an extra bottle of tequila, let me know if you want to make a trade (just to be on the safe side of course).

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