I know, I know... you were hoping never to hear the word 'twerk' ever again. But trust me, in this case it's totally worth it!

Being the huge Science Channel geek that I am, I love the series 'Outrageous Acts of Science' which spawned another great show, 'Outrageous Acts of Psych'. On both shows, scientists analyze videos that have gone viral and explain either the science behind it, or in the case of the new show, the psychology. They analyzed a prank that had everyone in stitches, the passers by and even the scientists.

Whether it's a police officer, a fire fighter, or even a construction worker, people are conditioned to submit to authority figures. So when a construction crew stops people with a stop sign, the people stop. But what's on the other side of the sign and what the crew does next is so unexpected and outside the norm, you can't help but laugh!

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