Metallica are currently in the midst of an Asian tour that's taking them through South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and -- for the first time ever -- China, where the band did two sold-out shows in Shanghai earlier this week and filmed its time there for a new documentary.

"Being here in this wonderful country and feeling the energy and excitement, the idea came up to celebrate it and to try to document it and to try to get the experience out," drummer Lars Ulrich said during a press conference on Aug. 14 (quotes via Blabbermouth).

"As you know, there are a lot of you, and there may be 20,000 of you who came to this arena yesterday and today, so we figured that if we filmed and shared the experience then maybe we could get to more of you and maybe there could be a next-level relationship between Metallica and China that could last for decades."

He explained that the idea for the film was "fairly last minute" and the final product might include local bands, actors, and "maybe some way [of] bridging this into the 'Through The Never' movie" that Metallica is releasing next month.

"We are making this up as we go along, but it's all being documented — everything we do is always documented — so we're excited about that and we think that there is something cool that will come out of it," Ulrich added. "Whatever that is, we're not quite sure yet, but we'll do our best to make it shareable and worth everybody's while."

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