Nixon x Metallica Collection

Meet the masters of watches.

KISS has coffins for sale - could a Metallicoffin be next? As of now Metallica fans will have to settle for a  Metallica wrist watch. When it comes to bands slapping their name and or logo on items, the sky is the limit.

The band teamed with Nixon to create some pretty cool watches. Prices range from $125 to $500 dollars. Some of you may say no way, but you know as well as I do that countless Metallica fans will indeed purchase these watches.

I should ask if anyone even wears a wrist watch anymore? Do you? I have never worn a watch. My phone is what I check the time on. Are you interested in purchasing a Metallica watch? If so, will you be wearing it or just buying one (or more) for collecting purposes? Curious minds (me) want to know.

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