I'm no stranger to doing heart racing stunts for my job and posting them on my social media for kicks. But this one, was just stupid and cruel.

A meteorologist from Oklahoma, Mandy Bailey, posted on her Facebook page a picture of her holding a rattlesnake. Not too bad, until you read the caption with "mouth sewn shut & fangs removed" part. What?! I had no idea that people did this to animals. Especially, an animal that, in some areas, is on the endangered species list.

People around social media platforms freaked the hell out on her. I mean, really freaked out and called her a ton of NSFW names for this stunt. She took down the post, and hoped that would be the end of it. Of course, she forgot about screenshots. So the above image will be circulating for quite a while longer and enraging conservationists like me.

I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she didn't quite understand that what she was holding up was cruelty at it's finest. Here's a rattlesnake that no longer has the ability to defend it's self or eat because some jerk human sewed it's mouth shut and ripped it's fangs out.

I just want to make clear that rattlesnakes only attack when provoked. Most of these snakes are killed due to humans killing them or cars running them over. Basically, if you leave a rattlesnake alone, it will not bite you. There is no reason for this treatment to the snake.

Would I scoop up a rattlesnake to take a photo with it? Most likely not. Unless, there was a professional Herpetologist instructing me how I could do it correctly where the snake and I would be safe. I would make sure that I give the rattlesnake the respect of any living thing and not treat it like a prop.

I am extremely disappointed in this lady for not recognizing how horrible this treatment is to this snake. My hope is that she learned from this experience and now knows how fast people will come to the defense of an animal who is incapacitated for a morning news stunt.

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