The Metro Police Authority has joined the Hope Not Handcuffs program to help those with addictions.

The Hope Not Handcuffs program made for those struggling with addictions. Now, any person that is struggling with drugs or any kind of addiction can show up at the Metro Police Department and ask for an Angel. After that, their Angel responds and helps assess the situation so that person can find the best treatment option for them.

The Hope Not Handcuffs program started near Detroit in February 2017. In just over two years, the program has grown to 9 counties and so far has been able to help 3,275 people find the treatment they need.

I think this is an amazing program. Giving those that are struggling with addictions another option to find help without fear of being arrested is great. Now that the Metro Police Authority has joined the program, the Burton and Montrose police departments are expected to join as well.

Source: ABC 12

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