Something told us that his recent resurgence in popularity with the Lonely Island's "Jack Sparrow" and even the recent guest spot on 'Two and a Half Men' wouldn't be the last we've heard of Michael Bolton.  Indeed, it seems the legendary singer may soon have his own show on ABC, or at the very least, his daughter will, as development has begun on 'Michael Bolton's Daughter is Destroying My Life.'  The title more or less spells out whom Bolton might play, but what else would the series follow?

Move over James Van Der Beek, Michael Bolton might be making ABC even more meta than before.  The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the singer-songwriter has entered talks to play a high strung version of himself on ABC's 'Michael Bolton's Daughter is Destroying My Life,' an idea penned from 'Go On' and former 'Terra Nova' Star Allison Miller's personal experience being around celebrities.

Written by '30 Rock's Tami Sagher, and likely not starring Miller herself given the full-season pickup of 'Go On,' 'Michael Bolton's Daughter is Destroying My Life' would follow a young writer who accepts a job running social media for the singer and ends up developing an antagonistic relationship with his daughter.  Bolton would serve as co-executive producer, with Miller as at least a producer.

What say you?  Do you think another meta celebrity sitcom on ABC could work for Michael Bolton?

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