Can you guess the most googled Thanksgiving recipe in Michigan?

If you guessed Green Bean Casserole you are right. I am know chef (that is for sure), but even I feel like I know how to make it. Green beans, mushroom soup and those crunchy onion things. Duh.

I am sure there are countless variations to the Thanksgiving Day classic casserole. Add bacon maybe? Add tequila? The possibilities are endless. We should all give thanks to Dorcas Reilly, the creator of Green Bean Casserole. Reilly died last month, but her dish will live on forever.

As far as other states go, there are only a few odd and or surprising results. Turns out people in Idaho and Utah google Jell-O the most. Vermont peeps are googling Ambrosia Salad the most. Ugh. If you are not familiar it is the salad/dessert that features marshmallows, yogurt, mandarin oranges, pineapple and nuts. Not my jam - but you may like it. My grandma used to make a weird salad that featured carrots, green jello, mayonnaise and nuts. Ugh. That salad was not my jam either. My grandmother has since passed, but my mom per usual will make the dish to sit on the table. It's tradition.

Usually I just bring wine to Thanksgiving Dinner, as I said - I am no chef. This year I may go rogue and serve what Hawaiians are googling the most, pumpkin cheesecake. Happy Thanksgiving.

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