Going out for food and drinks is always a lot of fun especially when it's a place you have not been before or it has a cool theme. I am a huge fan of dive bars and Michigan sure has its share of cool places in the Lansing area.

Stobers, Moriarty's Pub, American fifth to name a few in the Lansing area.  Travel to the  Detroit area and there are plenty to choose from Downtown and down river.

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A few days ago I wrote about a cool Bowling Alley in Michigan that brings us back to the '70s. Well, here is a place that will bring back even farther than that.

This Ride Will Bring You Back 100 Years

A restaurant and bar about 75 miles from Lansing will bring us back in time to the 1920′s and '30s with an Al Capone-style bar and restaurant.

My whole family is from the southside of Chicago and I remember my aunts and uncles who are gone now talking about all the criminal activities and the dangerous time it could be back then.  Alcohol was illegal and gangsters like Capone cruised the streets.

Here is a bar and restaurant that will bring you back to that time according to mlive.com.

I have to try this place, Mug Shotz Bar & Grill at 13508 N. Saginaw Road, in Vienna Township looks so much fun. It serves food like chicken wings, burgers, and pizza, and much more.

Raymond Thomas said everything on the menu is made in-house and handmade, except for the cheese balls, which are pre-made and are wildly popular with customers. A basket of naked wings is one of the main attractions at the eatery and can be paired with one of 26 sauce flavors.

You May Be Behind Bars

And check this out, after you're done eating you can get a photo in their jail cell.  Many nights they also have live music.  Someplace new to try as we get out and support our Michigan business.

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