When it comes to Michigan's Blue Hell, as with any unexplainable phenomenon, there are a lot of different interpretations as to what it is. But first, it is important to know where, and how, the idea originated.

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What Does the Term 'Blue Hell' Mean?

First off, the term 'Blue Hell' refers to a phenomenon in video games, essentially a glitch, that happens when your video game character glitches through a barrier in the game that it should not be possible to pass through, such as the side of a mountain, a wall of a building, etc. Usually when this happens, you end up in an area the game developers never intended on you being able to get into. And, because most games start off with blue sky to build around, the area you glitch into is normally blue, too.

Michigan May Be Home to Its Own Blue Hell

Well, according to many, the Michigan Blue Hell started around the idea that somewhere in Michigan's vast underground tunnel system was a passage out of reality itself. And, just like a glitch in a video game, whoever went through it would end up outside reality, therefore still able to see 'real' environments, yet not be seen by others from 'actual' reality.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Most Popular Michigan Blue Hell Beliefs 

1) It is believed by many that those who enter Blue Hell can never return to normal reality.

2) Others believe that you would simply not survive if you entered.

3) Others claim it would allow you to observe the world from an area you would not be seen from, like being behind a one-way mirror. This is the closest comparison to the Blue Hell video game reference.

Are There Specific Entry Points to Michigan's Blue Hell?

Because of Michigan's history of underground tunnel systems, and those who have explored them, there have been numerous locations mentioned that could take you from our reality into the alternate Blue Hell reality.

Theory 1: Many claim that the underground cave systems beneath Lake Erie linking the lake to other bodies of water, and some say to Hell itself, is where the idea come to fruition. This concept was even brought to life in a novel titled Tunnel to Hell.

Theory 2: Some claim the entry point exists in the extensive tunnels under West Fort Hood. This location was also rumored to hold secret government projects. But, if this location holds answers to Michigan's Blue Hell, why is it in Texas?

Theory 3: Perhaps the craziest explanation is that Native American tribes imprisoned a 'great serpent' beneath the earth in the Detroit area years ago. Over time, a building was built over this location. According to legend, the non-descript and now abandoned building is home to the 'elevator game'. It is said that those that reach the lowest depths in this area, while searching for Blue Hell, are devoured by the beast.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So now that you know all the theories, which do you believe? Is Michigan's Blue Hell real? Is it fake? Is there any merit to any of these ideas?

Regardless of the possibilities, and as intriguing as the thought of all this is, I think I will stick to video games. That way, if I do get caught in any type of Blue Hell, I can just hit the power button and return to reality safe and unharmed.

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