If Bill 454 has it's way and gets through the Michigan Senate (and House and Governor's desk) you'll soon have a digital driver's license. Good news for people like me always digging through a wallet when I get carded (hey - don't laugh - it's happened....a long time ago, now - but it's happened).

According to WBKB11.com, you'd have one of those qr codes on your smartphone with all your info (and your photo). My guess is that it might speed things up in places where you need your ID. Until that one person who needs to go digging for their phone, shuts the line down.

According to a story from USAToday, having a digital license would make counterfeiting or using a stolen license difficult (I know - not impossible) and it would end (mostly) the time honored tradition of doctoring up a license to get into bars. But - you would be able (in theory) to only show certain info a business would need for a transaction. Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Wyoming and Washington, D.C. are already using digital licenses. And soon, Louisiana will be on board as well. Here's the USAToday story.

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