You can spend your entire summer 2021 outdoors and get paid for it.
The Michigan DNR announced they are looking to hire over 1,200 seasonal park workers for this summer. Depending on what you’re interested you could be working at one of the state parks, campgrounds, boating access sites and harbors.
Seasonal park workers will be paid $10-$11.60/hour and most positions will last from mid April to mid October. You can also receive credits towards an internship.
These positions truly can make a difference in helping people fall in love with nature, camping, hiking, boating and more, and might just start you on a lifelong career path, too.
As a seasonal park worker you'd be the "face" of the state park working directly and helping visitors. Other duties include maintaining the upkeep of the park.
More than 50 positions as a seasonal park ranger are also available. Pay ranges from $17.75 to $24.95/hour and includes state employee benefits. As a park ranger, you'll be holding lots of responsibilities including training staff and volunteers, maintain the grounds, ensuring safety, and any other assigned duties.
Those interested in seasonal positions must be at least 18 years old to apply.
Search all available job openings with the Michigan DNR here.
Oh, and on top of getting paid to spend your time enjoying the beautiful outdoors, think about the great tan you'll also get!
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