What a time to be alive. If you don't know an actual Girl Scout and you don't feel like driving around to find a Girl Scout troop selling cookies outside of a grocery store - no worries. It's the future - there is an app available to help you find the closest cookies to you.

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Say hello to the Cookie Finder App. Customers can use the app for Apple or Android phones. The Cookie Finder App will direct you to the closest local drive-thru cookie booth this season near you! Just enter in your zip code and pick a date to go pick up a box or two.

Gone are the days of Girl Scouts selling door to door - or at least they should be. If I had a kid involved in scouts or any other extracurricular activity for that matter, I would never allow them to knock on a stranger's door. As I was typing that Halloween immediately popped up in my mind. Ugh, hello - trick or treating is creepy too.

I digress, the whole point of this article is to make sure you and your fellow Michiganders are aware of the Cookie Finder App. I know I will be using it, I no longer have nieces involved in Girl Scouts, but that does not mean I don't want a box of Thin Mints or a box of Samoas. Let's not forget about the Adventurefuls cookie either. This new cookie is a brownie-inspired treat topped with caramel flavored crème and features a hint of sea salt.

WGN News via YouTube
WGN News via YouTube

It gets better my fellow Girl Scout cookie lovers - word on the street is Door Dash will be delivering GS cookies too! Like I said, what a time to be alive.

Check out the new Girl Scout cookie lineup in the video below.

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