First things first, things do not add up in this story. In my opinion foul play and or negligence was a key factor in the death of two Great Danes from Michigan.

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According to WXYZ, William and Kristin Ervin of West Bloomfield, hired VIP Pet Delivery in Topeka, Kansas to transport their dogs Cookie and Penny, from Michigan to California. To say things did not go as planned is an understatement. It pains me to say that Cookie and Penny did not make it alive to California and the story as to why does not make any sense at all.

From all accounts Penny and Cookie, both 6-years-old were healthy Great Danes. The Ervin's were in shock and disbelief when instead of being notified their beloved pets would be arriving soon, they received a call that Cookie and Penny had died with little or no explanation as to how or why, and that both dogs had already been cremated. Are you kidding me?

Things appear to be fishy from the beginning of this operation. The transport driver, Shawn Harris told the Ervin's they could follow the trip via an app. The family was able to do so in the beginning, but the tracking device was eventually turned off. Another red flag is the fact that the driver stopped in Texas. That was not part of the plan. When they could not track the driver, they did indeed reach out to the transportation company, but their calls were not returned.

The Ervin's eventually recieved a call from a man claiming to be the drivers father (I told you things do not add up). WXYZ reports that the man told the concerned family that quote,

'I hate to tell you this. But I need to tell you that your dogs are dead. And, by the way, they smelled really bad. So we had them cremated.'

Are you freaking kidding me? This is insanity. It gets worse (if that is at all possible). When Bill and Krisin asked how their precious pets died, the man said quote,

'Well, you know, they were old. And they probably felt like you abandoned them. So, that's probably how they died.'

I cannot even wrap my head around this. If you have not already gathered, the transit company has been less than cooperative with the family. The Ervin's want answers understandably and I certainly hope they get them.

The website for VIP Pet Delivery has since been deactivated as of publishing time of this article.

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