The 8th annual Michigan Food Beer and Wine Fest is tomorrow night (11/2/19), at Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center. Last year bourbon was introduced into the mix, and this year the event will also feature tequila. You are welcome.

Surprisingly enough, I have never tried Siempre Tequila - but I sure will tomorrow night. The story on how this particular tequila brand came to be is quite interesting. One of the brands co-founders, Alex Lacroix, had a pretty sordid past, including trouble with the law. That is all tequila under the bridge now, and he and his partners have created an award winning tequila.

If tequila is not your jam, no worries there are countless beers, wines and even bourbon for you to drink. The event runs from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM and tickets are still available.

If you are looking for me tomorrow night, I am pretty sure you know where to find me - in the Siempre booth (duh).


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