No matter how often we are warned about phone scams, unfortunately people still fall for them. In this particular case, it was a Michigan grandmother who was scammed out of $15,000 dollars.

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The unidentified Troy woman received a call on October 15th, from a man claiming to be her grandson. According to WDIV, the impostor claimed he had been in a car accident, had lost his phone and wallet, and was working with a lawyer. The grandmother then spoke with another man who claimed to be the lawyer. You and I both know - he was no lawyer. This clown advised the woman to send him $10,258 dollars, to a bank located in Mexico. It gets worse, five days later he called again, and grandma sent an additional $5000 dollars. Ugh.

This all came to light, after her actual grandson called her. You are probably wondering why this woman never mentioned this to any other family members, before speaking with her grandson? I know I did. Apparently the bogus grandson told her on the first call, not tell his parents.

I have no surviving grandparents, but if I did you had better believe I would have already talked to them about phone scammers, fake emails, and more. I hope you have already done the same if you still have grandparents, if not - do it today.

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