Well today is the day that most retailers, businesses and parks begin to reopen in Michigan.

That being said, we are still in a pandemic - COVID-19 has not gone anywhere and my fear with the way people were gathering Memorial Day weekend and due to the protests, we may see a new spike in cases just when we were on the downside of new cases.

I think it is important that we still, as individuals, treat this like each of us have the virus so as to not give it to someone else and not catch it ourselves.

A lot of businesses have worked really hard on coming up with ways to help serve the community again but we can't just rely on them to keep from catching the virus. If we don't wear masks and keep social distancing, it won't matter what the businesses try to do, we will keep spreading the coronavirus.

It would be devastating to the businesses that managed to stay afloat through the shut down if we had to close everything down again.

We already lost a lot of businesses and many lost their jobs and the community does not need this to repeat.

So let's all do our part for our friends and neighbors, our local businesses and anywhere that we travel to and from, to keep wearing those masks and keep social distancing and if you really don't need to go somewhere, then don't.

Scientists have warned about what is up a head when the fall comes and colds begin returning. Let's not let our guard down now or that second wave will happen sooner than later and that is not good for any of us, especially the businesses that have finally been able to reopen. Not to mention, there are still more businesses that need to be reopened.

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