While we are sure there are plenty of Michiganders out there that would probably beg to differ, this survey says Michigan is one of the states that spends less time worrying about their stressors than most.

2020 was a stressful year for everyone, there is absolutely no denying that. However, these survey results reported by SWNS Digital have us curious, what were people in Michigan doing to cope?

Maybe it's the fact we are surrounded by beautiful fresh water that relaxes us. Maybe it's the gorgeous state parks, hiking areas and the general beautiful landscape of our state that makes it a great place to get away from what's stressing you out.

However, if you ask around, there are plenty of things that ail us Michiganders when it comes to causing us stress and anxiety...Just look outside!

The winters are pretty brutal, and that's coming from someone who loves winter. We go days without seeing the sun, everything's frozen, having to scrape/brush snow and ice off our cars three times a day (at least), seasonal depression, etc...we definitely aren't perfect in the calm and collected department.

So where is this conclusion coming from that out of all 50 states, we rank in the top 10 of those that are stressed out the least?

Well, the survey looked at 12,500 Americans spread evenly across the states and found the top stressors for everyone across the board and were able to pinpoint how many hours a day people in the various states spend worrying about said stressors.

Out of the 20 "Top Stressors" respondents could choose from for the survey, the top five were:

  1. Lack of Savings
  2. Current State of the Country
  3. The Presidential Election
  4. Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck
  5. Worrying About Loved Ones Getting COVID-19

When it comes down to it, we here in Michigan, while we may be just as stressed as other states, spend less time worrying and stewing about those stressors and that, in itself, shows the true grit of a Michigander.

We here in Michigan definitely have a "pull ourselves up out of the mud and keep going" kind of mentality that is unlike any other state. We are hard workers and we are determined to make the best out of crappy situations (and weather).

All in all, while you may not agree with these findings at first, there might be some truth here when you really think about it!

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