According to Country Time, even kids need a stimulus check.

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The lemonade giant is giving your child the opportunity to win a bailout of $100, just for creating a lemonade stand. If your child is 14-year-old or younger, he or she has the opportunity to win 'The Littlest Bailout' contest. According to Country Time things are tough for young entrepreneurs,

'This summer has been rough for lemonade stands. That’s why Country Time created the Littlest Bailout. The first economic relief program to help kids running lemonade stands."

How cute is that? If your kid has yet to operate a lemonade stand, it is time to think about it. First things first you need to start with a name, and submit that, as well as additional information here. I have a few of my own ideas, that are totally inappropriate. May I suggest the following,

  • 'Better With Vodka' Lemonade Stand
  • 'Just Add Alcohol' Lemonade Stand
  • '21 & Over Welcome' Lemonade Stand

Like I said, not appropriate, but with names like that - business is sure to boom. All kidding aside, this is a fun promotion to get your kids creativity flowing. Like I said, all you have to have to enter is a name, and if your kid(s) win, they score $100 to open their own stand.

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If your child does enter, let me know. If you decide to make an adult lemonade stand, let me know that too. I am down to clown. Isn't there some kind of saying about life giving you lemons, and adding vodka? If not, there should be.

Cheers and good luck to your little entrepreneur.

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