With Halloween just around the corner, this Michigan man has solved the social distancing problem.

Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodworks in Garden City, MI is back at it again with another sweet invention. As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge disruption in everyday life and events. With many experts giving advice against trick-or-treating, a lot of parents and kids are trying to find ways to still have fun in a safe way.

The Halloween Zip Line is the perfect way to social distance while trick-or-treating. This is brilliant. Check out the video below and enjoy the magic. The kids will get a kick out of a ghost flying at them with candy. On top of that, hidden ever so carefully behind the ghost is a drink caddie with beer for the parents. This is a win-win for all if you ask me.

I want to build something like this as I'm sure I could figure out a way to use it all year round.

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Thompson Woodworks has also come up with some other great pieces that almost everyone would want to have. The Michigan Wine Throne and the Michigan Beer/Pop Chair are my personal favorites, and yes, you can absolutely buy them for me for Christmas.

Be sure to check them out and see the other awesome videos on their page. Pure Michigan!


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