Can you imagine being electrocuted, having no pulse for 20 minutes, and living to tell about it? Me either. That is exactly the case for one very lucky Michigan man.

Michael Taylor, 20, of Taylor was working this past April on a siding job, when the metal ladder he was on came in contact with a live wire. Luckily for Taylor, those near him knew CPR and continued to do it until an ambulance arrived.

Taylor was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills, where emergency room doctors refused to give up on him. This truly is a miracle since he had no pulse for 20 minutes. Damn! You know what saved him? According to reports, it was electric shock. That's right, ELECTRIC SHOCK saved a man who was ELECTROCUTED.

As you will see in the video above, Michael Taylor is completely fine now, and even claims to feel like a super hero. Big props to all of the doctors and nurses at Beaumont that saved him.

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