A Michigan man from Macomb County won $4 Million dollars from the Michigan Lottery’s $150 Million Cash Explosion!

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Michigan has been having some seriously big-money winners over the last few months. It seems like 2021 had a million-dollar winner every month thanks to the Michigan Lottery.

“I buy tickets twice a week, and I had hit for $500 on my previous purchase so I decided to buy five of the $150 Million Cash Explosion tickets,” said the 74-year-old player. “I scratched the barcode and scanned each ticket. The first was a $100 winner and the last one said to file a claim. Source: NBC25.com

Can you imagine that? Hitting the lottery will without a doubt change your life. A lot of times for the worst, unfortunately. Money has a way of tearing things apart. One minute you have $4 million lying around the next, your bankrupt and homeless. Money has a brutal nature to it and yea you should enjoy the wealth you've acquired, but it requires discipline and wisdom to keep wealth.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where big money just happens to fall in your lap there' are a few things you can do to stay wealthy. First off, don't make any big purchases right away. You are in a new tax bracket kiddo, and the last thing you wanna do is be surprised by Uncle Sam when you file your taxes. That's probably the number killer of lottery winners. Just because you bought a $1 million dollar house doesn't mean you are free and clear. Big houses equal big property taxes. So over the course of 10 years, you could easily spend $100K on property taxes alone.

Congratulation on this big winner from Michigan. Let's just hope he makes the right financial decisions.

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