Colin is turning 11 soon, but he doesn't want a party.

His reason is heartbreaking, but you can give him a day he will never forget.

Most kids love the idea of a birthday party. Cake and pizza, friends and gifts...what's not to like, right? So when a Kalamazoo mother brought up the idea of a party to celebrate her son's 11th birthday, she was devastated by his response.

"Mom, who am I going to invite? I don't have any friends."

Colin, who will turn 11 on March 9, was diagnosed last year with a sensory processing disorder and another disorder that is similar to Autism. Jennifer, Colin's mom, says it's difficult for his classmates to understand his lack of social skills because they can't see them. She says that crutches and wheelchairs are easier for kids to recognize, but if a child has behavioral problems, they don't often understand the reasons behind the acting out. Colin eats lunch alone everyday because no one will let him sit at their table.

To make her son's birthday special, Jennifer decided to reach out to adult friends and family members with a special Facebook page where they could wish Colin a happy birthday. Jennifer was hoping for some "Likes" and a few nice comments, but it's turned in to so much more!

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Colin doesn't know about his birthday Facebook page. Jennifer says it will be a surprise on his birthday. She plans on getting his reaction on camera so that she can share it.

If you want to wish Colin a happy birthday, you can do it online...Happy Birthday Colin Facebook.

You can also send a card to the address below.

PO Box 756
Richland, MI 49083-0757