Michigan National Guard troops that were sent to Washington D.C. to help deal with the capitol insurrection are ending up in the hospital.

The reports started to surface over the weekend when a whistleblower talked to WXYZ about the food problems. Reports of undercooked or raw meat started to come out, and there are even reports of possible metal shavings in the food. The meals have been an issue for the entire time that the troops have been in DC, but the meal provided last Sunday is what drove a staff sergeant to report the issue to the media.

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The news traveled fast once it hit the media, and political players from Michigan started to chime in.

You can see pictures of the undercooked or raw meals from WXYZ here.

The guard soldiers have had a rough go of it since getting to D.C. They were originally called in to help keep the peace after the Capitol building was stormed. Reports of guard soldiers sleeping in a cement parking garage started to surface shortly after the inauguration.  Now they are dealing with this food poisoning scandal, but there has been no announcement to bring the troops back to Michigan. In fact, the opposite has happened, the troops are scheduled to remain in D.C. through March.

You can read the statement from the Michigan National Guard below concerning the food allegations.

It's crazy to think that we are actually having problems getting safe food to our own troops, IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

This sounds like a story that could be happening to troops in a different country. Delivering safe meals to troops in our nations capitol feels like it should be an easy task. The sergeant that filed the complaint has told WXYZ that his soldiers have resorted to paying for their own meals to get decent food.

Even as I'm typing this I'm shaking my head. This is insane, and I hope that our lawmakers can not only get the food issue fixed, but find a way to make it up to the troops that have had to endure this slop.


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