What is Michigan's favorite Christmas cookie? The folks at House Method decided to make it official and found out.

Here in the Mitt, our collective sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) crave frosted sugar cookies -- like the ones your grandmother made -- when the holidays roll around.

The House Method folks put their Christmas Elves to work and surveyed 4,500 Americans. Turns out Michigan isn't alone. Residents of 21 states (21.9% of the US) picked sugar cookies with frosting as their fave. Chocolate chip cookies were close behind, picked #1 in 18 states. (21.6% of the US)

Gingerbread cookies, Snickerdoodles, and Gingersnaps rounded out the top 5.

What are your favorite Christmas cookies? I personally look forward to Buckeyes -- chocolate-covered peanut butter balls that have an unfortunate name for those of us who are fans of the Michigan Wolverines. Those cookies instantly transport me to my childhood, when my mom would make entirely too many. I'm not complaining, but she made them waaaay too big. They were more like a meal than a snack.

Here's hoping Christmas cookies bring back great memories for you. Grab a glass of milk to wash 'em down.

Christmas Cookies by State
House Method

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