Pharmacies across Michigan are giving away free Narcan kits on Saturday, September 14th. The move is geared toward reducing the number of opioid deaths in Michigan.

Last year, nearly 2,600 people died from a drug overdose in Michigan. That number -- and the number of people who died nationally -- is down, thanks to the availability of Narcan, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses.

Naloxone -- the generic name for Narcan -- counteracts the effects of an opioid overdose. It's a nasal spray which is sprayed into one nostril as a patient lies on his or her back.

Throughout the Flint area, kits will be available while they last at Meijer, Rite-Aid, and VG's pharmacies as well as other chain stores and independently owned drug stores. Click here for a complete list of participating pharmacies.

More than 51,000 kits will be available for anonymous pickup on Saturday. The kits were purchased by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. In Michigan, Narcan is available without a prescription.


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