I have been in radio for a long time, after working in a corrugated box factory for 4 years out of high school in South Holland, a south suburb of Chicago.  I decided to go to school for radio broadcasting.  My 2nd career choice was to be a Police Officer.

Although I did test for some departments, I decided I loved being on the radio. I remember my brother Jim was a cop and he said it was too much paperwork.  Being a cop though would have been a job I would have really liked.  Giving back to a community and making a difference helping people, and being there when they needed you.

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I think it is awesome when someone goes out of their way to help someone like this Police Officer did in Sterling Heights, MI.  He pulled over a guy who was speeding according to fox2detroit.com. This was not a routine traffic stop.  This man was upset and not the way you might think.

Here is What Happened

When Kevin, a Sterling Heights Police Officer pulled over this gentleman for going over the speed limit he knew something was wrong.

The man was 79 and was crying and upset. He told Officer Coates that "everything is going wrong" and explained he needed help


I really try to drive right," David said. "I bought a new television today because I wanted to make my wife happy, you know, and I can't get it hooked up. The man explained  that he went to different stores to figure out how to connect it.


The two exchanges numbers and a little bit later Officer Coates went to his home along with a few other officers and they hooked up his TV for him. They also showed him how to find what is on TV,  as well as navigate to all the channels.

Outstanding Job By These Police Officers

Kudos to those 3 officers of the Sterling Heights Police Department for hiring great public servants.  If you three need any swag or tickets to a country show feel free to give me a call. NICE JOB!

BTW he was not given a ticket, just a verbal warning.

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