This is the season for potholes in Michigan. I am sure when anyone says the word 'pothole' several of them come to your mind immediately. I just saw one over the weekend on Torrey Beach Drive in Fenton that is huge! Luckily for the people in that particular neighborhood, the road has not collapsed - yet anyway.

That is not the case for some Bloomfield Hills residents. The huge hole is located on Devonbrook Dr. near Long Lake and Telegraph. According to reports, it has been there since 2016. Holy hell! Residents say their complaints have been ignored by the Oakland County Road Commission. You can see more in the video below.

What about you - where have you noticed a huge pothole? Man, there is nothing worse than driving along and BOOM - you hit a huge one. It's so frustrating, even more so if you experience actual damage to your vehicle. Drive safe and keep your eyes peeled for potholes.

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