If you think Christmas is canceled, think again. The crew at the Michigan Renaissance Festival continue their creativity streak by presenting 'Hollydazzle - A Renaissance Christmas'.

The event description is as follows,

All of the elements that are Christmas, come together in this dazzling spectacle of lights. A 3/4 mile of Christmas lit scenes that will warm your heart on a cool winters night.

Tickets are limited to 25 people per time slot. Social distancing and Covid-19 safety guidelines will be in effect.

The trail will be a mixture of holiday scenes, sensory lights, audio-visuals that will transport you to a holiday wonderland like never before.

Beam me up Santa! Tickets are only $20 dollars, and the attraction will be open Thursday's through Sunday's beginning tomorrow, December 3rd until December 27th. Hollydaze will not be open on Christmas Day, but the event will be open on Christmas Eve.

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As you can imagine, tickets are selling fast - you can check dates and times available, and purchase tickets here. Hollydazzle runs from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (some time slots are already sold out).

If you have children, Santa Claus will be set up for picture opportunities in a safe and socially distanced sleigh.. You can see pictures of Santa's set up here. This is a great opportunity to create a new Christmas memory for you, your friends and family. Heads up, this is rain, snow, or shine event.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of the Michigan Renaissance and its staff. Fare thee well, I mean Merry Christmas.

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