Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the states stay at home order until May 28th. Even if you missed the press conference, chances are you saw opinions about her decision immediately on Facebook.

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I truly believe you can put whatever you want on your Facebook page. Political rants, memes, what you ate for dinner - I don't care. What always surprises me is how mad someones opinion can make other people. We have seen it on Facebook threads for years, people arguing back and forth, being down right mean, because they each have a difference of opinion. I think it is really insane, when a disagreement turns into name calling and even worse, making fun of a persons physical appearance. Regardless of how childish it is - it will continue for the next 20 days (and forever).

Another thing that cracks me up is the people who write on Facebook things like 'I can't take it, I am quitting Facebook', or 'If you see this, you survived the cut'. Thanks, I guess. My all time favorite is 'I am shutting down my Facebook for the weekend' - one hour later that person will like something on your page, or post on their own damn page.

I wonder how much different the quarantine would be without Facebook? How would someone tell you how dumb you, and your opinions are? How would I know what you ate for dinner?  I guess I will put up with the negativity -  it's worth it to see the drink recipes on the Crap I Drunk In Quarantine page.

Have a great weekend, I love you all.

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